ESC Minister releases publications schedule

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Education, Sport & Culture Minister Deputy Patrick Ryan has issued a publications list to clarify what information will be available about his department in 2012.

The ESC Publications Schedule will be published annually in future to inform the media and public of relevant dates.

Deputy Ryan said: “I am committed to government openness and transparency and believe that this is what parents want. Many of the responses to the recent consultation supported this view. In particular, I wanted to be very clear about the timing for publication of exam results.”

This is a three-stage process:

1. August: Overall statistics for the island’s provisional A-level and GCSE results are released by the ESC Department. Schools submit appeals to UK exam boards or requests for papers to be re-marked.

2. 09 November: Schools receive adjusted results that take into account the outcome of appeals and re-marks. These more accurate figures will be posted by each secondary school on their own website with relevant contextual information. Links will be available from the States website.

3. One week later: Results analysed by subject and gender will be compiled by the ESC Department and published on the States website. A comparison with UK regions is also prepared. Both these sets of data were published on in 2010 and are still available in the ‘School Life’ section.

Deputy Ryan added: “I am aware that the performance of schools may vary considerably because of different factors that affect each of them. I would advise users of the websites to look at the background information the school provides.”

The ESC Publications Schedule is attached. The Minister will also be reviewing other information that could be added in future.

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