Digital Skills Scrutiny Sub-panel Publishes Interim Report

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The Digital Skills Scrutiny Sub-panel, chaired by Connétable Steve Pallett, has published its interim report looking into the development of digital skills across the Island. The Review has focused particularly on examining whether the Education Minister’s Vision for IT in Education: ‘Thinking Differently’ is capable of playing an appropriate role in delivering the skills required by an emerging digital industry in Jersey.

Both documents have been seen by stakeholders as representing steps in a positive direction towards creating a digitally enabled community, which could be of significant economic and social benefit to the Island. However, there are concerns that the timelines of the Digital Jersey strategy and Education Sport and Culture Vision do not appear to converge as would be necessary to meet Digital Jersey’s short and medium term goals regarding local jobs. This could place pressure on inward migration.

There has been significant political and financial investment made by the States in the growth of a digital sector in order to diversify Jersey’s economy, not least through:

the establishment of Digital Jersey, which has additional aims to expand ‘e-government’ (providing States’ services online), broaden community access to and use of digital technology, and support and nurture new IT companies.
the £40 million invested in the roll out of Gigabit Jersey to provide increased and efficient broadband services.

Sub-Panel Chairman Connétable Steve Pallett said:

‘Although the Sub Panel is of a view that both ESC and Digital Jersey are taking positive steps forward, and that can only be to the benefit of not only those studying at our excellent schools but also in further education and beyond, there is more to be done if we are not to miss the ‘Digital boat’ and end up a follower in the digital market rather than a leader.’


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