Day Surgery Unit praised by patients in independent survey

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The nursing care provided by the Hospital’s Day Surgery Unit (DSU) has been praised by patients in an independent survey.

The survey, carried out by the Picker Institute Europe compares the DSU to a number of other UK based healthcare trusts of a similar size.

The Picker Institute is a not-for-profit organization that makes patients’ views known about the healthcare they received to the place where they received it. The Picker Institute specialises in measuring patients’ and service users’ experiences, providing robust, reliable and actionable feedback, and supporting providers of healthcare, using data to drive improvement.

In Jersey, 850 patients who had used the Day Surgery Unit were asked to complete the survey, and 493 of those returned a completed survey, with a response rate of 58.4 per cent, which compares to an average response rate of 54.2 per cent. 199 people who completed the survey gave the Unit ten out of ten while scoring it as a very good experience, and 381 participants said they would definitely recommend it to their family or friends.

In the surveys which the Picker Institute carries out, hospitals are told whether they have scored significantly better or worse in any particular area, and the DSU in Jersey achieved higher than average scores around the communication of nursing staff with patients, involving patients in decision making, and the process of discharging a patient.

Doctors and theatre staff in the DSU were also praised for clearly explaining procedures, and the risks and benefits of surgery. Patients also felt that they had adequate time to discuss their procedure, and were treated with dignity and respect when they came to the Unit. The Unit also scored highly for having clean toilet facilities.

Areas where the DSU were rated as lower than average were around the choice of Hospital, and the choice of dates available for their procedure, and some said they did not receive all copies of letters sent between the Unit and their GP.

Judith Gindill, head of the DSU and Theatres at the General Hospital said: “The team who make up the DSU work really hard to ensure that patients who come in for their day surgery have an excellent experience when they use the DSU, and we are very pleased that of the hundreds of Islanders surveyed by the Picker Institute told us that overall, they were happy with the service provided. It is particularly encouraging that staff communication was good and that Islanders are reassured that they can ask any questions about their procedure, to put their minds at rest, and do not feel rushed.

“Regarding the areas where the Picker Survey results were below average for the Unit, we will look at all of these and try our best to make improvements. However, there are some areas which can’t be improved on, for example, Islanders can only be offered one hospital for their day surgery, not a choice of hospital, and it is not always easy to give people the appointment times they would prefer. Interestingly, some of the feedback we had was that there were few posters asking patients and visitors to the ward to use hand gels or wash their hands, but we do have these, so we will be able to make them more visible. We are also looking at ways of ensuring that patients are always copied into correspondence about them between the Hospital and their GP.”

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