Cycle helmets for under 14’s

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The Minister for Transport and Technical Services has lodged the draft Regulations which is the first step to making cycle helmets for under 14 year olds compulsory.

The Road Traffic (No. 60) (Jersey) Regulations 201- have been drafted and will give the TTS Minister power, by Order, to require children to wear protective helmets when on a pedal cycle on a road or cycle track.

The draft Law is likely to be debated in late April. Subject to the Regulations being approved by the States, the Minister can then make the Order detailing the requirements for wearing helmets and policing the Law. The Minister intends to allow a period of two months before the Order comes into effect to publicise the requirements and for parents to obtain cycle helmets for their children if they have not already got them.

In 2010, the States agreed to support Deputy Andrew Green’s proposition that asked the Minister for Transport and Technical Services to bring forward legislation “to ensure that cyclists were required to wear a suitable safety helmet whilst cycling in the case of persons under the age of 18 years.” The following year however, after discussions with Deputy Green, the age limit was lowered to under 14 years old and the States were informed of this.

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