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As the 2014 Autism Awareness Month gets underway, JT is for the third consecutive year joining together with charities in the Channel Islands as part of its three year commitment to autism.

Since 2012, JT’s staff helped to fulfil JT’s pledge by volunteering their time and have actively fundraised to support local autism charities and in doing so have far exceeded their three year fundraising target of £50,000.

JT’s Corporate Affairs Director, Daragh McDermott, joined the Board of Trustees at Autism Jersey, he said: “JT is committed to the community and to communication excellence, and by collaborating with autism charities across the Channel Islands we have been able to bring these commitments together. Through engaging our 400 plus staff in our support programme we have had some very successful mutually beneficial outcomes, including JT making a fantastic financial contribution to the charities which work tirelessly to support local individuals and families affected by autism.

“By aligning our efforts with those of Autism Jersey specifically, we have ensured that our contribution to date has been meaningful and we will continue to work closely with them for the remainder of 2014 to make sure this continues. Furthermore, I am sure that the relationships forged between our staff and the charities will continue naturally beyond our three year formal commitment.”

As well as organising fundraising events, in an effort to educate its staff to recognise and understand the behaviours of those on the autistic spectrum, JT has provided autism training. Staff helped Autism Jersey move into new premises and have also supported the charity through the following activities:

  • JT Mount Kilimanjaro Trek – fundraising challenge took place early 2014
  • The annual “L’Etacq and back” walk
  • ‘Donate an hour pay day’ in November – (staff contribution matched £ for £ by JT)
  • Global charity day (24 hour global bike relay across JT’s offices in London, Melbourne and CI)
  • Bucket rattling at events
  • Three JT teams participated in the Jersey Marathon Relay
  • Volunteered expertise to support Autism Jersey in moving to new premises

The Chairman of Autism Jersey, Nick Winsor said: “JT have really made a difference to our fundraising efforts over the past few years and we are very grateful for their continued support. Their backing means we are able to move some of our own initiatives forward but it is also really fantastic that they organise their own events which not only raise funds but help us to spread wider awareness of autism within our community. April is a very busy month for us and we are very much hoping that Islanders will get on board with our events and projects and make this a very successful year for Autism Jersey.”

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