CICRA statement on landline competition in Jersey and Guernsey

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Andrew Riseley, CICRA chief executive:

“The Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities (CICRA) can confirm that an initial notice has been issued to JT (Jersey) Limited and a draft decision has been issued to Cable & Wireless Guernsey Limited, signalling the regulator’s intention  to open the landline markets in Jersey and Guernsey to competition.

These regulatory documents would require JT and Cable & Wireless to offer a product known as wholesale line rental to other operators. The intention is to ensure the introduction of competition happens in both Bailiwicks at the same time in 2013.

Currently, as the incumbent telecoms operators in Jersey and Guernsey, JT and Cable & Wireless are the only operators from whom consumers can obtain their exchange line. After this change, consumers will be able to take all of their telecoms services, including the exchange line, from a range of operators and will no longer have to rely on the incumbent for their exchange line.  In due course, we expect to see providers in the Channel Islands follow trends elsewhere in Europe and offer bundles of services – landline, broadband, mobile and, perhaps, even TV.  The regulator intends to ensure that all consumers will be able to retain their landline number even when switching operators.

In Guernsey, Cable & Wireless has confirmed that it is willing to introduce wholesale line rental. In Jersey, we expect to hear from JT just before Christmas with its response to the initial notice.

We will work with all parties to ensure a wholesale service is implemented as smoothly and as swiftly as possible across the Channel Islands. We are looking forward to working with these operators to bring fixed line competition to consumers.”

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