Calligo CloudAnalyser and CloudCentre Enable Visibility to Cloud Benefits

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Calligo, the most technically advanced and secure offshore cloud service provider, today announced two new products, CloudAnalyser and CloudCentre, to assist clients’ moving to cloud computing.

Written in-house by Calligo’s software development team, these two solutions are providing Calligo clients visibility into their own environments to aid their decision making process to move some, or all, of their IT infrastructure into the cloud, along with making the on-going management simpler.

CloudAnalyser imports statistical data taken from existing systems and combines this with the results of a detailed questionnaire. The software then uses custom algorithms to evaluate the costs and benefits of using the cloud along with recommending the type of cloud technology the client should be considering for each of their business applications. For some businesses the advantages of cloud computing can be obvious, but only by using a methodical and empirical approach will organisations capture all of the data required to support the business case. Too often benefits such as reduced power consumption, and resulting reduced C02 emissions, are ignored because they are too difficult to calculate.

CloudCentre is an easy to use cloud management portal, providing a highly visual dashboard highlighting what resources are being utilised, as well easy to use management tools. Many organisations will often use a mix of cloud services. Managing disparate environments has, until now, been a challenge. CloudCentre can be linked to multiple cloud services to provide a single, consistent management dashboard. CloudCentre can be customised to provide different information to different users within the same company. An IT Director might want a summary view across all services, whilst an IT Operations Manager will drill down into the detail of a particular server and, for example, change its configuration or re-boot it.

“The worldwide growth of cloud computing is a staggering 40% compound annually,” commented Julian Box, CEO and co-founder Calligo. “An organisation without a plan to adopt cloud is likely to be at a competitive disadvantage. We already provide the most technical advanced and secure cloud services for the offshore market. With CloudAnalyser and CloudCentre, we are delivering powerful management tools to enable organisations to move and use cloud to its maximum potential relative to their business.”

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