Call to recycle old phone directories

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JT is asking islanders to join in and help to recycle as many old phone directories as possible now that the 2014 phone directory has been distributed Island-wide.

The 2014 recycling campaign is now well under way with old directories being collected at a number of recycling points around the Island, including primary schools, parish halls and town centre drop-off points.

JT’s recycling scheme includes the ‘Books for Books’ project which once again rewards primary schools with a £10 book voucher for every 100 directories collected. It is organised to enable Islanders to drop their old directories at one of the island-wide collection points, and help spread the message among youngsters of the importance of recycling. The school that collects the most phone directories will be congratulated by JT for their efforts with a special day at Durrell.

Local businesses are also urged to recycle the phone directories that collect within offices and are asked to use the St Helier based drop-off points to return their old copies.

Tamara O’Brien, Head of Marketing, Brand and Distribution at JT, said: “Our annual recycling campaign has previously been very successful with over half of all directories being returned for recycling. That is the equivalent of 71,000 tons and contributes greatly to our commitment to being an environmentally responsible organisation and Eco-Active business. We have once again made collection easy by having Island-wide drop offs and we are very grateful to all of our partners, including Durrell for helping us in this initiative.  In a further step to help us in our commitment to being green we have digitised our directory information with the iPhone App and resource.”

In a step to ensure residential customers have access to additional copies this year, JT has also printed a further 10,000 copies which are available for collection from Grande Marche St Helier, Jersey Post in Broad Street and Rue des Pres, and Durrell Wildlife Park in Trinity. JT are asking for a suggested minimum donation of £1 per additional book collected and all proceeds will go to The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Stephanie Moore, Corporate Relations Officer from The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust said: “We are very pleased that JT has pledged to donate funds to Durrell from the optional £1 suggested for additional copies of the 2014 phone directory. As well as this fundraising idea and their recycling programme, JT is demonstrating real ‘green’ values which set an excellent standard for other businesses and organisations to follow. We hope that everyone gets on board with the recycling programme and that those who require additional copies will dig deep, as their contribution will naturally help Durrell in achieving its own environmental commitments.”


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