Auction of popular number plates

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Transport and Technical Services is auctioning off some number plates which are either short or easy to remember and are therefore popular with the public.

There are 51 number plates available at the auction. They include: JSY1, JSY20, JSY555 and J111111. It has been several years since these kinds of number plates were publicly auctioned and therefore there is likely to be great interest.

The auction takes place at 10.30am on Saturday 7 December at The Great Hall at Highlands College.

The Minister for Transport and Technical Services, Kevin Lewis, said, “People are prepared to pay to use a particular number plate, maybe because it’s easy to remember or it has particular relevance.  For instance, someone might want to bid for JSY50 as a birthday present for someone who is 50 years old. On past experience some plates may receive bids for more than £50,000.”

The full list of plates will be advertised in a Gazette advertisement in the Jersey Evening Post on Friday 6 December or for further information please call Simon Drieu and Co Ltd, tel: 869300 or email:

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