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The Environment Scrutiny Panel will present its final report on ash disposal to the States today, Monday 17th December. The report is the culmination of an in-depth review carried out by the Panel, with expert assistance from advisers Ricardo-AEA Ltd., into sustainable alternatives to the current policy of burying waste ash in lined pits at La Collette.

The report is based on a comprehensive review of best practice and processes available for the disposal of Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) and Air Pollution Control residues (APCr) generated by operation of the Energy from Waste Plant. A number of treatment processes have been identified that would enable these waste products to be recovered and recycled into useable construction materials. The report makes recommendations on those which the Panel and its advisers consider most suitable for Jersey, with the potential for significant environmental and economic benefits to the Island.

The Panel is confident that, if adopted, the recommendations in its report would bring great improvements in terms of environmental sustainability. As well as avoiding continued burial of untreated ash at La Collette adjacent to the South East Coast of Jersey Ramsar site, which has given rise to concerns about the long term protection of the marine environment, the recommended changes to the existing policy would also remove the need for the creation of a large ash headland at La Collette over the next 35 years. This would bring benefits not just in terms of visual amenity, but also by offering the possibility of alternative uses for reclaimed land that would otherwise be taken up by future ash pits, with a much reduced legacy of buried ash left for future generations to deal with.

The Panel has had excellent co-operation from both the Transport and T echnical Services and Environment departments during its review. Members are optimistic that this report and its recommendations will find favour with the respective Ministers and help to bring about a new and sustainable approach to dealing with Jersey’s ash waste.

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