Andrew Lewis to stand for Deputy in St Helier District 3/4

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Andrew Lewis has declared his intention to stand in this autumn’s general election

Andrew Lewis has declared his intention to stand in this autumn’s general election.

Andrew, 50, is Managing Director of BWI Jersey and was a States Deputy between 2005 and 2008. Commenting on his decision to stand, Mr Lewis stated: “I have been approached by many people asking me if I would stand. Having divested myself of many of my business commitments, and with the full backing of my family and many other supporters, I have decided to seek election at what I consider to be an important time in the Island’s politics. ”

Andrew is seeking a new challenge by standing in St Helier No 3/4. He has been a ratepayer in St Helier for over 20 years, owning and operating a business in the Parish. Mr Lewis’s wife Kate was brought up in the district and attended primary school in the area.

“St Helier is fundamental to the Island’s future. Districts No3/4 not only have a strong family connection for us but they also face some important challenges in the years to come which I fear could get lost in the wider considerations of Jersey’s political future’, said Andrew. ‘For example my experience as a Youth Court Panelist has highlighted to me the need to focus on the young of our Island and prepare them for the future, not just repair the damage in their lives when they reach court.”

Andrew is the Chairman of the St John Youth & Community Trust, the group that successfully raised funds for the development of the Island’s second full skateboard park. “The skateboard park was a prime example of what can be achieved with the commitment of the whole community”. Andrew would like to work on similar projects for the youth of St Helier as well as ensuring good community facilities are maintained and created for all segments of the community.

Andrew, a former chairman of the Institute of Directors, believes in the benefits of a strong economy as a safeguard to ensure the maintenance of high levels of public services for all, but particularly for those most vulnerable in our society. He believes that a careful balance should be struck between setting taxes at the lowest rate possible, cutting out waste in the public sector, ensuring that tax payers’ money is spent effectively and that the value of public assets is maximised.

Andrew also said: “We are fortunate that we live in a relatively safe society, however we should not take this for granted. If elected I would work tirelessly with all appropriate agencies to ensure that the town of St Helier and the surrounding districts are keep safe, clean and desirable places in which to live and work”.

Andrew is a Church Warden of St John’s Church and is a Youth Court Panelist sitting in the Magistrates court as a lay magistrate. He is married to Kate and they have two sons, James 14 and Harry 17. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys boating, fishing, and walking the family dog. During Andrew’s last term of office between 2005 and 2008 he held the posts of Assistant Minister and latterly, Minster for Home Affairs. He was a member of the legislation advisory panel, a member of the Safer St Helier Group and also helped establish the queue safe service in St Helier.


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