4hire invests £1,000,000 to meet demands of local consumers and businesses

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So far this year, locally owned and managed plant, machinery and vehicle hire and sales business, 4hire, has invested over £1,000,000 in new equipment in order to meet the demands of islanders.

4hire, part of the 4group, which consists of 4safety, 4fleet and 4hire, has made the investment in response to customers’ demands for an increasingly diverse range of products for hire and in response to improvements in local markets.

‘At 4hire we have a rolling investment programme which sees us replace hire equipment on a three to five year cycle, ensuring our customers always have access to the most up to date, efficient equipment, be it an excavator, a set of traffic lights, a generator or powertools,’ said Wojciech Duszkiewicz of 4hire. ‘However, over the last 12 months we have had customers ask for more specialised equipment and we are also working on many long term projects in other industries as well as our traditional construction market.

‘We’ve not only invested in high quality, innovative equipment which is suitable for use on construction sites and for use at home on DIY projects, but also on vehicles and equipment for other industries including trucks, vans and forklifts,’ added Mr Duszkiewicz. ‘We have introduced the latest telematics and tracking devices, optimised to work in the Chanel Islands which can be hired or purchased. The introduction of such technologies is a significant development for both consumers and businesses alike.’

Amongst the new products is a fleet of VW Transporter vans which will be ideal for families or community and sports groups looking for six-seat “Kombi” or 9 seat “Shuttle” vehicles which can be taken off island for holidays or sports events. 4hire will be the only hire company to operate these vehicles locally.

The £1,000,000 investment has also enabled 4hire to introduce innovative and high-tech machinery and plant that the company believes could lead to more efficient and safer working practices in the Islands, particularly in a new range of access platforms that are designed to include on-board generators, which safely provide power for electric tools high in the air. Many of these also include revolutionary Hybrid bi-energy power units, which are designed to eliminate the disruptive noise that machinery usually creates as well as reduce emissions to well below the current norm – well in keeping with the companies Eco Active status.

4hire has also recently introduced a variety of innovative telematic tracking devices. As well as industrial uses, these devices, which can be both hired and purchased, allow the user to monitor and recover any vehicle and boat if stolen. The devices can also be used for leisure, at car track days or installed on sailing boats, providing easily downloadable analytics.

‘We’re excited to continue developing our business in response to the needs of islanders,’ commented 4group MD, Nigel Blandin. ‘We are fully committed to developing 4group across all sectors of industry and commerce as well as for the general public. From its conception six years ago, 4group has continually invested in equipment, people and in the island to ensure that we are ready to face the challenges of the future. We are fully committed to providing the best service, products and training solutions.’

4group is the Channel Islands’ only provider of genuinely integrated solutions that solve its clients’ practical transportation, training, fleet and equipment needs.


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