3G pitch plans for Springfield deferred

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Plans to install an artificial 3G pitch at Springfield Stadium have been deferred by Jersey’s Planning Minister ahead of a site visit.

The application was referred to Deputy Rob Duhamel because it was turned down by the Planning Applications Panel.

They rejected it on the grounds of the scale and extent of proposed changes to the surrounding community park, including the loss of open space and trees; the relocation of the children’s play area and landscaping; an increase in the parking area; the need for a high fence around the new pitch; the addition of a wide tarmac strip, and overall, a lack of community engagement.

The application by the Department for Education, Sport and Culture argued that creating a 3G pitch would extend the stadium’s use for a wide variety of community, sporting and schools use and for the NatWest Island Games XVI – Jersey 2015.

Deputy Duhamel will visit the site and review the amended plans for potential changes to the play area, car parking area, fencing details and landscaping, and make a decision after consultation with his department.

No to Egypte Farm rebuild after WW2 demolition:

The Planning Minister refused an application to rebuild the ruins of a farm at Egypte demolished by German forces during the war, as recommended by the Planning department.

The owners of Egypte Farm want to rebuild two homes and garages on a long-abandoned and ruined farm complex in what is described as a highly scenic part of rural Trinity, zoned as Coastal National Park. All that remains of Egypte Farm is a series of ruined walls.

The Minister considered that the development was too large, but indicated that he would have greater sympathy with less development concentrated on the south of the site and with greater environmental benefits.

The farm is understood to have been taken over by German forces during the occupation. It’s thought the buildings were partially demolished to use as a training ground for the troops in street and house-to-house fighting.

The land has been in the same ownership since 1936 and the applicants state it was never intended that the farm was abandoned. They also state that efforts to rebuild it over the years have been unsuccessful for a variety of reasons.

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